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A New Name For A New Year

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

2021 is such an exciting time for so many reasons! I have a full calendar of weddings with the best couples in the most amazing places - and I've decided to rebrand from Ursula Kelly Videography to Panemorfi Studios!

Since first starting my videography business, I've wanted to find the perfect name to represent my style and my brand. It really wasn't the easiest thing to do, though. What I have come to learn over the years is that my style has gradually been evolving and the work that I produce now is different to when I first began - this is fascinating and exciting! I always thought I wasn't able to find the perfect name because I was indecisive - I didn't realize it was because I was still growing as an artist and business woman, still finding my voice. This past year has shown me that I am finally ready to rename my company.

Panemorfi is a word I have had in my mind for the past few years. I knew it was the right name to go with, because it was the word I always came back to. It means beautiful in Greek. I was inspired to draw from this language because I actually studied Ancient Greek growing up, as part of my fascination with ancient literature. I absolutely love the culture of philosophy, storytelling and mythology that came from Ancient Greece, and their language is incredibly beautiful. It goes without saying that I am a storyteller at heart, and I wanted to reference that in my new name. Storytelling is such a part of my personal identity, that I wanted it to be part of my brand identity too.

I chose the word beautiful, because I truly believe there is beauty in everything. My favourite thing as a filmmaker is capturing the beauty all around us and sharing it with the world. Filming weddings allows me to capture some of the most beautiful moments and memories in life, and so the name seemed truly perfect.

I am someone who sees meaning everywhere and in everything, so it was definitely important for me to choose a name that I completely connect with and that has a story behind it. Panemorfi is the word that represents a part of me as well as my work. I am SO excited to begin operating under this new name. January seemed like the perfect time to launch, as the start of a new year is the perfect start for all new things!

My logos were designed by the incredible London based graphic designer Jason Miller JM Graphic Design (London is my place of birth!) for Panemorfi Studios, the commercial division, and Panemorfi Weddings. These two logo variants will distinguish between the commercial and wedding divisions of the company.

It's been really exciting and really fascinating working with him to come up with the face of my brand. He understood my vision completely!


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