Welcome to Panemorfi Studios! My name is Ursula, I am the founder and primary cinematographer.

I have been working as a filmmaker for almost a decade and there is no job I would rather have.

I have always been a passionate storyteller and getting to tell real love stories is basically a dream come true!


I find marriage to be the most brave and beautiful undertaking between two people. No matter how many weddings I attend, the exchanging of vows is always profound and moving. I feel compelled to preserve these moments for you!

You will find in my work an emphasis on narrative, emotion and cinematic imagery, while staying authentic to your big day. I  have a distinctive style, but I am constantly inspired by all the personal touches you add to your wedding! Every event is unique,  like a giant work of art and I want to capture all of it.

I am a lover of romanticism and classic literature, artwork, music. I like to add a touch of class to my filmmaking style.

It is an honour to be considered for your wedding, and it would be my absolute privilege to tell the story of your love.​​

The meaning behind the name...

Panemorfi means beautiful in Greek.

It was a word I had in my mind for a long time, and it was the word I always came back to. I was inspired to draw from the Greek language because I used to study Ancient Greek growing up (random, I know), and I was hugely influenced by the ancient culture of philosophy, storytelling and mythology. It goes without saying that I am a storyteller at heart.  


I chose the word beautiful, because I truly believe there is beauty in everything. My favourite thing as a filmmaker is capturing the beauty all around us and sharing it with the world. It's what makes my life as a wedding filmmaker so continually rewarding. 

Why hire a videographer?

This is such a great question, honestly.

I am still learning the value of wedding videography to this day, because there are so many layers of meaning.  I really can't overestimate how precious of a keepsake this will be for you and your family.

Making a wedding film is about more than preserving memories. It's about capturing the very essence of your wedding in ways that photography alone cannot do, and allowing you to relive the experience for years to come. Consider it a time capsule into the most magical day of your life!

We film the laughter, the tears, the lingering gaze into each other's eyes as you say the words 'I do'. The words that were spoken by your family and friends as you embark on your new journey together.  The love in the air is palpable from every direction!

Because wedding videography is such a precious investment, choosing the right videographer is a big decision. As someone who is incredibly indecisive and particular myself, I know the struggle! There are more options in life now than ever before and I personally find it gets a bit overwhelming (more than a bit!).

For this reason, we love getting to know you before any contractual commitment is made. We want to be the right fit for you and your wedding. Once the big day comes we will be by your side the whole way, creating the most beautiful images possible and sharing in the emotional rollercoaster!

Ursula is amazing! We wanted to hire a videographer but weren't sure what to look for. We loved her personality and knew she'd be great for us. She was attentive, listened to our vision and captured the entire day so beautifully! We've already watched our video multiple times and so happy we chose her. Thank you for capturing such amazing memories!


"Ursula was an absolute pleasure to work with!! She is happy, polite, giggly, stealthy, responsive, understood what we wanted to have as a final product for our wedding video. Her highlights reel still has me in tears when I watch it and we’ve received other very positive feedback about her and the video from family and friends. Her use of movement, music, timing - I can’t say enough great things about her talent and character. Contact her for your event and I can guarantee it’ll be one of the best vendor decisions you’ll make!"